Bambu Lab CNC Nanocoated Extrusion Head Geat Kit for Bambu Lab X1/ P1P

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For Bambu X1/P1P CNC Nanocoated Extrusion Head Gear Kit High Quality 3d Printer parts for Bambu 3d Printer

About the Product:

1. Name: Nano coating extrusion head gear kit

2. Applicable models: Fo’rBambu Lab X1 series, Bambu Lab P1P and P1S, etc.

3. Processing technology: CNC

4. Material: POM and nano-coated mold steel

5. Features:

1) The integrated shaft design ensures better concentricity of the gears, reduces eccentric rotation of the gears due to assembly, and ensures that the gears transport filament more evenly.

2) Helical gear design, better meshing performance, smoother gear transmission, and more linear transmission force. The transmission overlap is large, the meshing time is long, and the contact area is large, which reduces the stress, thereby improving the load-bearing capacity of the gear and extending the service life of the gear.

3) Use high-strength mold steel as the material of the feeding gear, and use nano-coating for surface treatment. The overall Rockwell hardness HRC value of the gear reaches 62-65; the surface hardness HV value reaches 1000-1200, which greatly ensures the gear Strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, improve the bearing capacity of the gear and extend the service life of the gear.

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