1. Name: Bambu P1P-X1 fan duct

2. Scope of application: Bambu P1P series, Bambu X1, Bambu X1C, etc.

3. Material and color: PA12, black

4. Features:

1) Upgrade and replace the original air duct of Bambu, from the original two air ducts blowing on both sides to three air ducts surrounded by three sides, the air duct is more accurate in heat dissipation, multi-faceted cooling, and the cooling effect is improved

2) PA12 material, good temperature resistance, good toughness, just replace and install directly

Note: In order to avoid the non-uniform magnetism of individual machines, the magnets are not installed directly. The magnets need to be confirmed to attract each other with the magnets on the extrusion head shell before installation to avoid magnetic repulsion.

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