10x Faster Printing, Speed Up Your Creativity

Thanks to the high fluidity and fast cooling formula, Hyper Series PLA supports up to 600mm/s print speed. High fluidity provides sufficient melting and extrusion, while rapid cooling provides fast shaping for high-speed printing.

Keep Precision While Keeping Ultra-high Speed

High stability ensures small changes in thermal expansion and cold contraction even when printing at high speeds, bringing high precision in dimensions and better results.

Higher Toughness for Stronger Models

With higher tensile strength than ABS and higher toughness than traditional PLA, Hyper Series PLA brings better structural bearing capacity of the printed models.

Uniform Wire Diameter, Stable Extrusion

Based on two-way laser diameter measurement, the filament diameter accuracy is 1.75±0.03mm, which makes it flow out more smoothly.

Neat Winding with Smooth Printing

Precise filament diameter control and automatic winding arrangement are combined to ensure smoother printing without tangling.

Eco-friendly Packaging, Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing Carbon Emissions Paper Thread Reel Eco-friendly Box

Better Filament Plan

Get the best result by combining Creality’s filaments with Creality’s 3D printers.

Made from High-quality Materials

Globally selected raw materials and strict quality control deliver excellent printing performance and printing results.

Highly Compatible with Creality’s 3D Printers

Continuous machine and filament tests ensure a high degree of adaptability.

Share Model Library on Creality Cloud

Holen Sie sich mehr als 300.000 Modelle auf Creality Cloud. Kostenloses Modellieren, Online Slicing & Drucken, Community Sharing

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