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12K Print Quality

Experience the ultimate printing precision and quality with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra.

It features a 10-inch 12K mono LCD with a resolution of 11520×5120 and an XY resolution of 19×24 microns,

which allows you to print models with exceptional details and sharp edges.

COB+Refractive Light Source

The printer uses a COB + refractive light source,

which reduces light dispersion and provides uniform and consistent light distribution,

resulting in high-quality prints with a smooth surface and dimensional accuracy.

Powerful Linux System

Powered by a brand new Linux OS with 4G RAM,

which guarantees stable file transfer and faster computing,

the Saturn 3 Ultra offers a smooth and efficient printing experience.

Wireless File Transfer

Supporting Wi-Fi transfer of files, with transfer speeds of 6-10Mbps,

the printer is compatible with both 2.4G and 5G networks, providing flexibility in transferring files from your computer or mobile device.

And it comes with a detachable antenna, located on the right side of the printer.

Release Printing Speed

Experience higher printing success rates with the brand new ACF release film, specially designed for the Saturn 3 Ultra.

With less release force, one side is frosted (face down), and the other side is smooth,

combined with the upcoming ELEGOO Rapid standard resin allows for printing speeds up to 3 times faster,

reaching speeds of up to 150 mm/H.

Saturn 3 Ultra adopts an all-metal machine body to enhance the printer’s stability and durability,

making it capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent use.

The printer’s sleek and modern design also adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Ultra-Steady Printing Performance

Experience steady and precise printing performance with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra.

The Z-axis features an integrated ball screw and dual linear guide rail,

ensuring ultra-steady and accurate movement, even at high printing speeds of up to 150 mm/H,

and reducing layer texture on your final prints.

4-Point Leveling System

The 4-point leveling system is designed with four clockwise-tightening screws for easy alignment and optimal performance.

After leveling once, there is no need for the hassle of repeated leveling.

The laser-engraved build plate provides excellent adhesion for tightly holding models during printing

and easily removes the model after printing is done.

4-Inch IPS Touch Screen

The 4-inch HD IPS touch screen with an 800*480px resolution and a new UI interface design

is easy to operate and also supports multilingualism for greater convenience.

Voxeldance Tango Slicer

Saturn 3 Ultra offers three modes of printing with Voxeldance Tango Slicer, and an open-sourced GOO slice file format,

providing greater flexibility to choose the mode that best fits your printing needs.

Excellent Printing Experience

The printer adopts double heat-conducting copper tubes and a larger cooling fan for effective heat dissipation,

ensuring that your printer performs at its best and extends its service life.

The plug-in air purifier with an activated carbon filter removes resin odor during printing,

and the printer has a USB socket reserved for dual USB air purifiers.

Or, you can choose the ELEGOO MarsMate air purifier with 95% VOC purification efficiency for a healthier printing environment.


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